The Story

Combining blues, southern rock and acoustic....

   27MILES is a four-piece original southern rock band spawned within the great outburst of raw musical talent from the burgeoning Malibu music scene. Their unique sound and a philosophy to "keep it real by staying true to who they are and honoring those that paved the way before them”, come together to create unique and timeless music.

As their sound developed and the songs began to come together for their debut album, they brought in British songwriter/producer Daniel Wills (Son of Rick Wills – Foreigner, Peter Frampton, Bad Company) to help finish some ideasDaniel introduced the band to Producer/Engineer Brian Dobbs (Metallica, Motlëy Crue, Echo Brain, Man Made God), who would be the right man for the job to mix the band’s recorded tracks for their 2006 release ‘Bringin’ It Back'Solomon launched 27MILES envisioning "the greatest rock band ever” that truly reflected the influences from the great 70s bands such as Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers Band, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix, retooled and recast in his own style.

By combining blues, southern rock and acoustic numbers that are melodic and mesmerizing, set off with heavy choruses, a highly combustible bloodletting is eminent and guaranteed to entertain.


brought in professional musician Berry Oakley Jr. on bass, (son of Berry Oakley of the Allman Brothers). Oakley is a vintage nut who tours with The Robby Krieger Band of the Doors, Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night and the Allman Brothers among others. Oakley's approach and abilities are extraordinary, spontaneous and world class. Berry Oakley played on our album,"Bringin It Back" but is currently no longer with us. We now have long time friend and local Erik Rondell on bass and back-up vocals and we have Jody Kern formerly on Drums/Skins/ percussion

27MILES finished mixing their 11-song album at J.T. Meskiel’s Document Room Recording Studio in Malibu in April 2006. “27 Miles are a great bunch of guys,” said J.T. “They brought their A-Game and were very focused and disciplined, producing a remarkable album they so richly deserve.”27MILES “Bringin It Back” is available for purchase online right here or Amazon music, stream it on Apple Music, Spotify and ITunes. Pretty much any major onlite music store out there in the world you can find us. Featured guest artists include iconic guitar work from Dean Deleo of Stone Temple Pilots on the songs, “Where I Belong” and “Lessons Learned”. Duane Betts,(son of Dickie Betts of Allman Brothers) on the song, “Brotherhood”. Vocals by the angelic Leah Felder,(daughter of Don Felder of The Eagles) on the song, “Life Unknown”an and piano by Arlen Oscar Shierbaum who currently plays with world famous, " Joe Bonamassa" Backing vocals by Sandy Simmons and Valerie Pinkston.

"Deleo of Stone Temple Pilots said..."

In the Malibu Surfside News, "I cherish kinship between musicians”, Dean Deleo of Stone Temple Pilots said. “Like so many of us, music is a nice place to dip our minds. When Kevin asked me to come down and play on the 27MILES record, I was flattered. I dig the songs and their playing. Honestly, Kevin or Donny could have mustered up anything I played. They are both great players. They were recording at the Document Room where I had done some stuff for Chicago’s 30th album”, noted Deleo. “If I can find any reason not to go south of Cross Creek I will. J.T.'s studio is the greatest, like water in the desert, state-of-the-art man. J.T. makes the time spent there quite easy and enjoyable as well as keeping us close to home."The 27MILES interplay runs delicate and airy to dense and driving. Together they gel magically and soulfully creating a melodic and mesmerizing signature sound that plays heavy and explosive with a sophisticated integration of accompaniments, harmonies and an unstoppable rhythmic jugger.


In 2020, 27MILES features the original founder, singer, songwriter and guitarist Kevin Solomon, a.k.a. Solly. Frontman, Solly brings masterfully adept guitar work, and a powerful, emotion-eliciting gravel voice. On Rhythm/Lead Axe we have new member Marc Palmer, whom is a musician for over 35 years and professionally for over 27 years he attended the prestigious musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA and he is the riffmaker and  arranger of Face Of Stone, an L.A. based Hard Rock band, Marc is also the lead guitarist for the Grammy nominated, seminal L.A. band called " The Busboys" who were featured in Eddie Murphy's "48 Hrs" with Nick Nolte. Marc has toured the country, played on multiple albums and appeared in movies and films such as " The Ghostbusters 30th anniversary documentary" and the newly released "Freeway City". Marc is a phenomenal guitarists and songwriter and we are very honored and priviliged to have playing with 27Miles! On drums we have original member Jody Kern, LA punk rock and rock and roll veteran brings his fiery, heavy hitting, in-the-moment drumming style and enthusiasm as the rhythmic engine of 27 Miles. A PIT graduate of 1992 and versatile drummer adept at many styles. On Bass, Erik Rondell prefers his Music Man Sting Ray for that warm classic rock bass sound. Born and raised in beautiful Malibu,  He has played in various bands around southern Cali over the last 25 years. His influences are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix, Skynyrd, Black Sabbath, Rush, Govt Mule, Tim Commerford of Audioslave etc..